Team Management Systems

Accreditation E-Learning Series

  • Gain access to the full accreditation technology and knowledge-base
  • Develop a real-world understanding of internationally recognized tools for integration into workplace designs
  • Join a worldwide network of over 10,000 human resource professionals and access international Communities of Practice
  • Discover a wealth of ideas and practical applications for achieving business and people objective
  • Expand your expertise portfolio and organizational toolkit

Team Management Systems Accreditation is required to access and work with the Team Management Systems assessments. The Accreditation E-Learning Series is a flexible alternative that offers the opportunity to develop expertise in the conceptual frameworks and practical applications of the Team Management Systems instruments through online E-Accreditation.

Your achievement in mastery of the TMS concepts is recognized internationally by your official Accreditation Certificate which is awarded at the successful completion of the module.

Accreditation e-learning modules currently available are:

E-Accreditation Series: Team Management Profile E-Accreditation: Team Management Profile
E-Accreditation Series: Linking Skills Profiles E-Accreditation: Linking Skills Profiles
E-Accreditation Series: Opportunities-Obstacles Profile E-Accreditation: Opportunities-Obstacles (QO2™) Profile
E-Accreditation Series: Strategic Team Development Profile E-Accreditation: Strategic Team Development Profile
E-Accreditation Series: Types of Work Profile and Team Performance Profile E-Accreditation: Types of Work Profile and Team Performance Profile
E-Accreditation Series: Window on Work Values E-Accreditation: Window on Work Values