Team Management Systems

Learning Applications

The most common application of the Personal Development E-Series is as pre-work for geographically dispersed teams. The mining, hospitality, energy, banking and pharmaceutical industries have all used the e-modules to great success. Maximizing this application of the e-modules is a leading online University in the USA that includes one of the modules in their MBA program.

Co-located teams have equally embraced the Personal Development E-Series. Applications, including the medical, aviation, public service, banking/finance and computing/IT industries, have produced excellent learner feedback and results.

Personal/individual development is a key application with participants reaping the benefits of self-paced learning and on-demand learner support to further their personal development.

Career Coaches have used the e-modules to help their clients make career development choices.

Online Professional Accreditation in Team Management Systems instruments has been undertaken by many human resource professionals in Australasia, The Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe using the Accreditation E-Learning Series.