Team Management Systems

Key Design Features

In designing this center we have used as our guide the principles of usability, reliability and fast access. Key features in each of the modules available have been designed to allow a complete self-paced learning experience with a high level of support on technical and training issues.

  • Secure Corporate Administration system
  • User-friendly learner interface
  • No learner prerequisites
  • An asynchronous individual e-learning environment
  • An E-Coach learner support system that provides on-demand technical and content assistance
  • Automatic personalization of e-modules
  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • Engagement of the learner through interactivity elements
  • Self-paced learning allowing unlimited logins/learning sessions
  • A flexible learning environment that allows both fast-tracking and an in-depth approach through Direct Pathing & Enriched Learning Layers
  • Online profile questionnaires and Profiles to assist with personal development and content understanding
  • Learning resources with real-world applications
  • ROI through online learner assessments/evaluations that ensure participants gain the key learning points from content
  • Targeted content focus through Key Learning Objectives & Self-Assessments
  • Continuous learning available online through revision options

Corporate Customization:

In addition TMS offers Corporate Customization on three differing levels of sophistication for the You and Your Job e-module. This includes customization of content, interactivity elements and additional resources along with co-branding of both the administration and end-user interfaces. Further information on customization can be obtained from your local TMS office.


  • The modules were written by Dr. Dick McCann, based on the original work of Dr. Charles Margerison and Dr. Dick McCann.
  • Design and Project Management was by Ms Nikki Mead, Research Manager, Institute of Team Management Studies.