Team Management Systems

Personal Development E-Learning Series

  • Develop your workplace soft skills
  • Evaluate current and future opportunities
  • Enhance professionalism
  • Improve leadership
  • Expand your expertise portfolio

The Personal Development E-Learning Series can be used as a comprehensive stand-alone tool for individual/personal skills development or as a core component of relevant workshops. The modules use real-world learning and theory to highlight key workplace objectives relating to you as an individual and team member. They give you the tools and knowledge to implement new and improved paths for personal, career and leadership development.

TMS can help you achieve more by developing your workplace soft skills. Conceptual frameworks and tools are provided to help you assess 'where am I now?' and 'where do I want to be?' They enable you to evaluate current and future opportunities, enhance professionalism, and improve leadership.

The Personal Development E-Learning Series provides a powerful foundation for both personal evaluation and development through the use of online personal Profile feedback. This, combined with real-world case studies, learning evaluations and application features, allows you to tailor your online learning plan and add to your expertise portfolio.

Personal development e-learning modules currently available are:

Personal Development E-Learning Series: You and Your Job You and Your Job focuses on the dynamics of teamwork and the contribution YOU can make to your team, work group or organization. Understanding workplace diversity and how to make the best of it is the key to improving performance at work and managing others.
Personal Development E-Learning Series: Linking With Others Linking with Others focuses on the skills of Linking, which are essential for integrating and coordinating people and tasks. Without good Linking, teams invariably fail to reach their full potential.
Personal Development E-Learning Series: You and Your Career You and Your Career focuses on the key Types of Work as defined by Margerison and McCann. It helps you evaluate your current (or recent) job and gives you a framework to reflect on your career and discuss options with key stakeholders. The module also helps you develop useful career action-plans.