Team Management Systems


The following are sample testimonials received from customers.

I found that using the TMS e-learning module: You and Your Job as part of a team building session with WMC Resources was an excellent blended learning approach. We had a geographically dispersed team that only had a few hours in which to address improvements in the way they worked together. Completion of the You and Your Job e-learning module enabled the participants to understand the theory of teams and identify their preferred team role preference prior to the face-to-face workshop. What was really great for me as a facilitator was the e-learning module allows the participant to access the research and application expertise that underpins the Team Management Systems theory. This meant I didn't have to spend precious time validating the value of the TMS framework and Profile feedback as the participants were already behind the process.

Aileen Armstrong
Achieving Synergy

The You and Your Career module was efficient and fast paced which allowed for it to be completed in one sitting. I found the Profile to be rather insightful and that the information offered in the module was beneficial to my personal career development plan as it served to agree and support areas that I previously held interest in and had aspired to enter. It also highlighted work functions that my present position held, yet I had paid little or no attention to.

Jacqueline Mead
Hospitality Graduate

Using the You and Your Job e-module made a huge difference to my program. When I arrived people were in a state of excitement already. They were so open. The reason for that is that they'd completed the module, had gained a greater awareness of themselves and were eager to learn how to apply it.

Niale McLoughlin
Coach & Facilitator
ACT Training International

This method of delivery certainly made me think a lot more about the content than the one-on-one approach. The evaluations made me absorb detail more throughly than a dialogue with a trainer.

Allan O'Connor
SME Innovations

Overall I was impressed with the site. Both navigation and content was well thought out. I found the content true to TMS form - excellent.

John D'Hooghe FCPA
Project Manager

From what I have interacted with I cannot really think of any improvements, I really think it has been well thought out and designed accordingly. The idea of being able to go back in where you left off and also the idea of not being able to move onto new sections until you fully understand the concepts of where you are, are wonderful.

Alan McAlpine
Trevor-Roberts Associates

As a TMS Network Member I found the TMS online You and Your Job module to be an excellent way to revise content. The self-assessment section in this unit encourages reflective learning whilst encouraging action.

Barbara J Dyer
Dyer Education & Training