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Linking With Others

Personal Development E-Learning Series: Linking With Others The Linking With Others module focuses on the skills of Linking, which are essential for integrating and coordinating people and tasks. Without good Linking, teams invariably fail to reach their full potential.

Although set within a team context, this module concentrates on you the individual. You will receive feedback on your current skills, as well as advice on improving both your Linking Skills and pacing skills.

To help you develop the skill of Pacing, you will be able to complete a Pacing Skills Profile Questionnaire on a colleague with whom you would like to improve your communication.

You will then receive online a Pacing Skills Profile report of more than 1000 words giving you specific advice on how to influence this person. The Profile can be printed and is stored securely online for access after you have completed the course. The advice in this Profile will help you put Linking Skills into practise.

Welcome from the Author

The Benefits

  • Complete the program in your own home or office - no loss of time through travel
  • Choose a cost-effective method of gaining access to the TMS Profile technology and knowledge-base
  • Gain a practical and real-world understanding of how you can use TMS tools and concepts to help achieve your personal learning goals and boost your expertise portfolio
  • Work through the module at your own pace - no need to block structured time out of your busy schedule
  • Tailor your preferred learning path using Enriched Learning Layers
  • Access on-demand technical and content assistance through the personalized E-Coach online learner support system
  • Learn more about the key Linking Skills for people, tasks and leadership
  • Receive a Pacing Skills Profile containing information on how to communicate better with a key customer, client or colleague
  • Evaluate how satisfied you are with your own Linking Skills and receive a Personal Linking Questionnaire Report
  • Develop an action-plan to put your learning into practice
  • Receive a Completion Certificate in recognition of your learning achievement

Module Pricing

US$60.00 / AUD$75.00

Online module purchases can be made at the Team Management Systems Online Store.

Who Should Take This Module

This module will be of benefit to anyone who wants to link better with key customers, clients or colleagues - either inside or outside of their organization. Whether you are an individual working alone or whether you are part of a team, this module will help you develop the key skills of integrating and coordinating people and tasks.